Urban Mining Moabit.
Bodenproben Trümmerberg

this documention witnesses a collaborative work of  diverse artists which are researching with multiple methods the Trümmerberg in Moabit Berlin. It gives an insight on the work of each artist and his approach to a hill that is build on rubble from World War II.  
Von und mit: Henrik Adler (Text, Dramaturgie), Thomas Goerge (Text, Video, Installation), Uwe Gössel (Künstlerische Leitung, Konzept, Text), Niclas R. Middleton (Videoinstallation), Mark Polscher (Musik, Performance), Christine Rollar (Dramaturgie, Performance) , Bernhard Siegl (Ausstattung, Installation)  
Sowie: Elisa Calosi (Produktionsleitung), Babett Börner / makena plangrafik (Grafikdesign), Alexandra Finder (Performance), Jakob Tornau (Technische Einrichtung)

Seven entries from the diary of a sound poet

this Video gives a glimpse of A.Nowitz artistic outcome as a soundpoet and vocalartist recorded in Berlin 2022

Notes of Concrete Moves “Hansahood”

Even before the Covid crisis, the dance company SHIFTS set out in search of a new contemporaneity and the binding forces that could hold our society together. What role does public space play in this? How can it be designed to create more cohesion? What SHIFTS in Le Havre/Normandie started three years ago with the event format RIM is condensed at HansaHood in Berlin. Hansaplatz becomes a research field for a team of artists - dancers, utopians, visual artists and story collectors: ° They want to give the bodies back to this space. In a place that needs the body as a point of reference, measure and centre. The aim is reopening public space as a place of social interaction and to build a social sculpture together with the neighbourhood for another "city of tomorrow"... (text from shifts homepage: 
with: David Brandstätter, Malgven Gerbes,  Henrik Adler,  Uwe Gössel,  Adrienne Goehler,  Katell Hartereau, Leonard Rainis,  Thiago Granato,  Marc Vatinel, Dorian Guerin, Martin Kaltwasser
2022 concept/camera/editing

Boy of war

18-year old Artiom feels a calling: he must go into battle – for his “mother,” Ukraine. He will save her, he thinks. With childlike naivety he treks through forests and ruins, his gun at the ready playing war and practicing for war - until the harsh reality catches up with him.
2018 – Regie: Cyprien Clement-Delmas, Igor Kosenko Autor: Cyprien Clément-Delmas, Igor Kosenko. Kamera: Ivan Castiñeiras. Ton: Andrii Nidzelskyi. Schnitt: Martin Reimers, Oscar Loeser. Musik: Matouš Hejl. Produktion: Fabian&Fred. Produzent: Fabian Driehorst. Länge: 79 min. Vertrieb: Fabian&Fred. Verleih: Fabian&Fred.
2018 co-editing

Die Frau mit der Kamera – Porträt der Fotografin Abisag Tüllmann

The photographs of Abisag Tüllmann (1935-1996) have burned themselves deeply into our cultural memory. A long-awaited documentary on the life and work of the versatile photographer by her long-time friend Claudia von Alemann now commemorates her. The Woman with the Camera - Portrait of the Photographer Abisag Tüllmann is a touching biography, a document of an extraordinary friendship and a nuanced portrait of the times.The cinematic homage documents in more than 500 black-and-white photographs - taken exclusively by Abisag Tüllmann herself - the life, work and context of the times from the 1960s to the 1990s. Claudia von Alemann embarks on an impressive search for traces in the world of her deceased friend. She approaches her through images and archive documents, film clips from films by Carola Benninghoven, Helke Sander, Alexander Kluge, Günther Hörmann and Ulrich Schamoni, through the music of composer José Luis de Delás and through letters and memories, such as those of photographer Barbara Klemm, who still vividly remembers her former Frankfurt colleague.The film was nominated for the Hessian Film Award 2015 in the documentary category. 2015 editing

Notes of a  rehearsal “General relativity”

documentation about M. Pisani piece "General Relativity, rien est établi" at fabrik potsdam in september 2011. concept and choreography: Martine Pisani
dancers: Theo Kooijman, Filipe Pereira,Tania Pieri, Francisca Pinto, Jean-Baptiste Veyret-Logerias
scenography: Theo Kooijman
sound design: Gerome Nox
light design: Ludovic Rivière

Impuls “Die Pottporus Chroniken 2010”

A film about the work of Pottporus, a Herne based organization which creates anything around HipHop. Nearly 1 Year insight, during the Event of Kulturhauptstadt “Ruhrpott” 2010 this film witnesses the work and engagement of these ambitioned creatives in Herne! 2010 concept/camera


As part of the postmodern generation, we did ask ourselves, as we were still kids at the time of 1989, how does this event, the fall of the wall, articulates itself 20 years later. Who else to ask, than people that faced the border? So we went along the former inner german border passing by small villages and listened to their stories. We discovered our country as a rich country, rich by nature, decency, warmth and prejudices. Imbissbude, Pubs, Architecture, lonely Footballfields made us feel at home. This documentary installation film is a contemplation on the word Heimat. 2009 concept/editing

The Dennis Oppenheim Weeks

a documentation about the curators work (erik bruinenberg) for The Dennis Oppenheim Weeks at Kunstraum Potsdam, part of the catalogue. 25min, hdv,
2008 concept/camera/editing