I am watching the light changing

dance/choreography: Riki von Falken
music: Ralf Grüneberg
camera/ editing: Oscar Loeser

filmed at Pont d’Alleyras in Massive central this filmic approach to the movement of Riki von Falken is a part of the projection seen in the performance “I am watching the light changing” premiered at the Uferstudios Berlin 2022.

Bouillir le vide, un recital

un film de Oscar Loeser et Martine Pisani
conception: Martine Pisani
soloist: Christophe Ives
accompanist:Theo Kooijman
light: Ludovic Rivière
sound: Arnaud de la Celle
production manager: Frauke Niemann

filmic adaption of the same called performance by Martine Pisani
filmed at C ND Pantin, Paris 2021

As far as the eye can hear,
the film

choreography Martine Pisani
directors Oscar Loeser Martine Pisani
dancers Nilo Gallego Theo Kooijman Ludovic Rivière
script Martine Pisani Oscar Loeser Theo Kooijman
assistants Lien Juttet Martin Reimers
production La compagnie du solitaire and Schnittbüro

Three lads leave together towards an unknown destination. The landscapes that they travel in offer them a playground that reflects their friendship. Oscar Loeser and Martine Pisani signed here a kind of contemporary western, where the protagonists live their adventures simultaneously in different places and environments. Changing this setting creates the final image of a unique landscape, and makes us travel "as far as the eye can hear" ...

Trailer for dance